Finished 2D panel - instrument flight ready.

Checking the oil - animation of oil door opening and dipstick being removed.

VC panel detail - working knobs levers and switches, including manual flaps handle and
elevator trim wheel (with indicator).

Cockpit detail - click on the chart to bring up the map screen or the door handle to open
the passenger door.

Cockpit detail - dome light, check flap position or fuel in the right tank.

Cockpit detail - shows opening door and window.

Cockpit detail - check fuel in the left tank.

Cockpit detail - showing flaps position, fuel selector position, elevator trim and chart.

Animated pilot - rudder, throttle and head turn animations.

Nav lights - also working strobe, landing and taxi lights (not shown).

Reflection and Bump (normal) maps.

Highly reflective photo-realistic textures.

Another paint scheme for the '58 172.

Night VC panel - also night 2D panel (not shown).





'58 C172 - N3955F