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"Just purchased your 1947 C140.  Love it!" - Vic

"Fantastic! Great job. I've been waiting for a 140 for flight sim for a long time" - Dave

"Quality product all the way. Beautiful detailing and a joy to fly. Great job!! "  - Bill Lane

"I was up until 3am flying the 172, you did a damn good job on it! - Awesome plane!!!!" - Richard Bongiovanni

"Just a follow-up to let you know how much I am enjoying the C172. It looks great and flies like a tame bird." - Chuck

"You did a very good job on this. It's the best looking 172 with a straight tail." - Toby Hanson

"I flew the plane in FSX and want to compliment you on the outstanding job you did on this great plane.  I was very impressed   with the detail you have included in the creation of this plane, great job.  I place this plane as one of my very best in detail   and handling and look forward to your next creation." - R. Cooke

"I just purchased your model (fs2004). Excellent job! Sure is a beautiful classic." - Bob Wening

"The straight-tail 172 is magnificent." - Ole Beckman

"Congratulations to you and your team for this beautiful design." - Fede

"This computer aircraft is a very good reproduction of the actual aircraft in terms of looks and flight dynamics.
  I am most satisfied!" - Harry Smid

Fan Screenshots:
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