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08/04/11 - Fixed small hole in dash for the C140 for FSX get new .MDL file HERE and place it in:
                 Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\C140_N4293N\model

10/24/09 - I you are experiencing problems with the Airspeed Indicator or Tachometer showing up on the panels for the C140 please                   find the fixed panel.cfg file HERE unzip and just copy it over the existing file in your C140s panel folder.

04/30/09 - Update for '58 C172 (FSX ONLY!) - Fixed inverted ailerons internal and external views, fixed white nav light on rudder                   from flickering in the external view when viewed from behind. Removed aircraft manufacturer's name from the plane select                   screen. Download update HERE

03/23/09 - No updates yet!