08/04/11 - We now have 2 Classic Bundles and a SALE on our Sea Fury, see the Aircraft Page HERE

04/07/10 - Available Now! '47 C140 for FS2004. A fun 2-seater taildragger, see screen shots HERE purchase HERE

03/06/10 - Available Now! Sea Fury - Reno Racer "Spirit of Texas", see screenshots HERE purchase HERE

02/10/10 - Sea Fury - Reno Racer "Spirit of Texas" for FSX is almost done! see some new screenshots HERE

12/17/09 - Coming soon! Sea Fury - Reno Racer "Spirit of Texas" for FSX, see screen shots HERE

11/15/09 - Added some new C140 screenshots HERE taken from a review over at SimReviews http://www.simreviewsga.com

10/24/09 - I you are experiencing problems with the Airspeed Indicator or Tachometer showing up on the panels for the C140 please                   find the fixed panel.cfg file HERE unzip and just copy it over the existing file in your C140s panel folder.

10/19/09 - Available Now! '47 C140. A fun 2-seater taildragger, see screen shots HERE purchase HERE

09/25/09 - There are 3 new pictures in the gallery for the C140 showing the work in progress on the panels, engine compartment
                  and interior door textures HERE

08/18/09 - Coming soon! '47 C140. A fun 2-seater taildragger is coming soon, see screen shots HERE

05/26/09 - Now available for FS 2004! - the '58 C172 (straight tail). It can be purchased later today at www.simflight3d.com via                   PayPal or available soon from www.flightsim.com and www.simmarket.com.

04/29/09 - Many updates to website and the first update for the '58 C172 - it can be downloaded HERE

04/24/09 - Our first plane has shipped - the '58 C172 (straight tail) it can be purchased at www.flightsim.com later today                   or tomorrow and next week you will be able to purchase it directly from SimFlight3Ds own sight at www.simflight3d.com                   via PayPal.

04/23/09 - Updated fact sheet HERE and Press release HERE should be ready tomorrow!

04/18/09 - Updated screen shots in the gallery HERE:  Added reflection maps, bump (normal) maps, cleaned-up 2D and 3D panels,
                  added animated pilot and one more color scheme, click chart to bring up map screen, piping in seat upholstery, mapped
                  ceiling and firewall, added animated keychain, night textures and lots of gauge work - almost done!

04/03/09 - Lots of new updated screen shots in the gallery HERE: Still have to normalize texture and lots of texture cleanup work
                  to be done then we have to get back to work on the 2D panel, specular maps, normal maps, etc.

04/01/09 - Watch for an updated Gallery this Friday!

03/27/09 - Gallery update HERE: (last 5 pictures. Lots of work on the VC panel (about 85% done), more cockpit textures: door                   handles, window levers, visor, trim wheel assembly, seats (first pass). Flap lever and trim wheel working. Full startup from                   checklist now possible in VC. - We're shooting for the end of April with a price of $22.95 -

03/23/09 - Started work on levers and switches in VC, some small web site updates. Watch for new gallery images SOON!

03/16/09 - Texture-mapped wings and added two new VC cameras (left and right seat)

03/15/09 - VC panel at 60% - see gallery update HERE:

03/14/09 - Setup gallery for our first airplane - a '58 C172 (straight tail) NOTE: this is work in progress

03/13/09 - SimFlight3D web site goes live, see press release HERE:

03/07/09 - SimFlight3D Purchases domain and hosting space.





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